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The continent of Africa has a population that has embraced mobile technology. Use of mobile phones is higher than anywhere else in the world, due in most part to a lack of infrastructure or penetration into the largely rural areas of cable-based technology.

Mobile tech gives the people of the continent greater access to the things a lot of us take for granted. Not just the ability to make a call but the ability to access the internet and the vast digital world it contains.

What does this have to do with gambling or casinos? Quite a lot in fact. While Africa has a massive share of the mobile market, the rest of the world is fast coming to realise that the little device in your pocket or your satchel has immense power. As mobile technology develops, smart companies and developers are realising its potential.

And this is especially true of the online gambling and online casino industry. Innovative developers saw the potential of the internet and developed software and websites that allowed us gambling fans to bring the casino into our homes.

And now they’re putting the casinos into our pockets.

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What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is exactly what the label says: a casino that is mobile. Online casinos are casinos that you can visit using a desktop PC (or Mac for the larnies out there). A mobile casino is a casino you can visit using a mobile (smart) phone or tablet.

It’s your favourite casino on a device you can take anywhere.

Are mobile casinos any good?

In the early days of mobile casinos – just a few years ago – the technology was very basic. The games were almost exclusively limited to bare bones slots games – simple graphics, simple gameplay, simple fun.

The latest mobile devices pack the same power as a mid-range desktop giving users all the functionality and features they need to enjoy the online casino experience without sacrificing quality. While there are some games that may not have the quality that you see at the online casino, these are very rare. Developers know the value that is waiting in the mobile market and are pushing vast resources and money at making the mobile experience as close to perfect as they can to give players the best experience possible.

The screen may be smaller but the thrills are just as visceral.

Are mobile casinos safe?

As with any digital device or platform, your safety is only as good as your awareness. Legitimate mobile casinos have all the security protocols in place to keep your playing and transacting safe, but you need to know that you are choosing to play with a reputable and trusted partner. Check out reviews and online comments to find out more about the mobile casino you are considering.

Keeping passwords and log ins and the devices themselves secure is also something crucial to maintaining your digital safety.

And finally, make sure you access the internet from a safe and trusted source. Public wi-fi in coffee shops, for example, may not be the most secure environment to be accessing your financial data. Closed wi-fi networks like those found in offices are normally safer as the safety encryption is much better.

Can I play all my favourite online games at a mobile casino?

There are some games that are not suited to the mobile platform – but they are very few and far between. Developers are pushing hard to create a seamless user experience for mobile gamblers and some of the higher-end online casinos are even able to offer Live Dealer games via mobile platforms.

Can I play for real money at a mobile casino?Online Slots for Real Money

Yes, you can. All the functionality and most of the games you would normally enjoy at an online casino are available via mobile casino including gambling for real money.

But be careful. Just because the casino is now with you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing doesn’t mean you should  forget the basics of safe gambling. Set your budget. Stick to it. Walk away if you’re having a bad gambling day. And set limits on how long you allow yourself to gamble for. Time can slip by far faster than you think.

Where can I download a mobile casino?

You actually have the choice of either downloading an app for fast access to a mobile casino or playing at the mobile casino straight from your device browser.

All the big online casino names offer a mobile version for their players so it’s just about finding the online/mobile casino that’s right for you.

Entering the online casino’s web address into your browser should take you straight to the mobile version of the casino.

Downloading the app for the casino will allow you to visit the casino faster when you want. The app is usually free from the casino and you can download it from the website by looking for the mobile tab and following the prompts.

What are the best mobile casinos for South African players?

Online South African Casinos highly recommends signing up with the mobile casinos that are a part of the popular and trusted online casinos. That way you know you’re playing with a reputable partner and that every effort has been made to keep your gambling and online playing safe and secure.

Our top mobile casino suggestions for safe and trusted play:

PlayLive Casino

Europa Casino

Fun Casino

Springbok Casino

You can read the reviews of these casinos on our OSAC Casino Reviews page as well as get a look at other recommended online casinos for South African players. Most of these online casinos offer a mobile version.